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UE Quantum technologies

Code de l'ECUE : RMUSP12

Milieux dilués et optique , Informatique , Sciences de l'information et de la communication , Mathématiques appliquées et applications des mathématiques , Génie électrique, électronique, photonique et systèmes , Chimie théorique, physique, analytique , Milieux denses et matériaux , Chimie des matériaux
Campus Valrose
Master 1 , Master 2
Semestre pair


New quantum technologies are gaining increasing interest from governments and private actors, due to the promise of revolutionary applications in the fields of sensors, computing and communications. At the same time, to develop operational systems, quantum industry needs interdisciplinary competences and professional profiles that can understand the language of quantum technologies even without necessarily having a deep quantum physics background. The objective of this minor is to give students from different backgrounds the means to catch the principles of these technologies as well as their interest in their disciplinary context. This teaching, although open also to students with a background in physics, is thus intended also for non-specialists in quantum physics.

No previous knowledge of quantum physics will be requested. During the first part of the course, the fundamentals of quantum technologies will be presented in an accessible way to science students through a mix of lectures and tutorials. The second part of the lessons will be dedicated to a presentation of the numerous applications. The course will focus in particular on their practical interest in very different disciplines (chemistry, computer science, biology, electronics, physics ...). Specific case studies will be identified on the base of the students’ interest and background and discussed together in class.

It should be noted that a second course entitled “Quantum engineering” will complete this one during next semester (starting in 2022/2023). The objective of this second minor will be to answer the problem of the implementation of operational quantum devices by presenting the technical difficulties related to the realization of such systems as well as the proposed solutions, whether they already exist or are under development.

Responsable(s) du cours

, Virginia D'Auria


  • 24h de cours magistral


Avant le début du cours, je dois ...


A la fin de ce cours, je devrais être capable de...
  • Understand the principle of main quantum technologies. Based on his/her personal background, understand why and how one (or more) quantum technologies can interest his/her discipline and how, viceversa, his/her discipline stimulates or enables the development of quantum technologies.


    • 8 classes: 5 of lectures, 2 of case study discussions, 1 oral presentation from the students.
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